What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are small groups where people engage in a lifestyle of spiritual growth and authentic community.   Connect Groups facilitate friendships through similar interests, hobbies and experiences.  Connect Groups focus on relational discipleship.

What Happens In A Connect Group?

At Rogers First, we value relationships.  Each meeting is built around Devotion, Relationship and Mission.  Group meetings usually include a meal or refreshments, devotional tie, sharing and prayer.  Groups are encouraged to do a service or ministry project each semester.  Each Connect Group has a distinct personality and focus.

More information can be found in the Connect Group display located in the atrium.


Connect Groups Offered Spring 2017


WE FIT:  Assisting families, singles and new attendees in finding a place of connection and ministry in our church community.

PRISCILLA PARTNERS:   Mature Women of Faith meeting together for fellowship and encouragement.

PRAISE HIM:  Believers getting together for a time of praise, fellowship and worship using music, singing, testimonies and prayer to encourage and lift up one another.

NORTHERN LIGHTS FELLOWSHIP:  Adults located in North Rogers to Bella Vista who desire to be salt and light to those around us through service and fellowship.

SIXTHIRTYTHREE:  40+ couples and single adults living out the words of Matthew 6:33 while sharing life with each other in honesty and confidence.

LIVING WATER MARTIAL ARTS:  Learning faith, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and humility in a fun Christian environment through martial arts.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY:  An in-depth Bible study designed to challenge your knowledge of God’s Word, ignite your relationship with God and share in discussion with other women.

MAN 2 MAN:  A community of men that come together for strength, encouragement, accountability and connection.
COUPLES’ CONNECTION: To create a place for couples to build lasting friendships and a support system within the Body of Christ.

REKINDLING PRAYER: To facilitate individual and corporate revival through prayer.